• Having used physical auctions, we decided to try FullAuction as an alternative. The system is exciting and easy to use. The first vehicle we listed returned a £950 profit, not bad for a car owing us £1500. We are getting bids from buyers all over the country.

    Derek McQueen - Operations Director, Charters Group

FullAuction is an alternative route to market for franchised dealer trade cars. It minimises transaction costs, attracts hundreds of validated buyers and is quick and easy to list, sell and deliver. There are no listing fees, no annual fees and no buyers fees, just a charge of between £35 and £55 per unit sold, based on selling price.

FullAuction at a glance

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  • FullAuction is a trade-only, online vehicle auction site
  • Auction pages include detailed appraisals, photographs, service history  and other relevant descriptions
  • Totally free for registered buyers, with only a small seller's fee applied when a vehicle sells
  • Start and reserve prices chosen at launch by seller with length of sale, from 1 to 7 days
  • All auction pages dynamically update and have a live, real-time countdown 
  • A full range of automated message notifications keep buyers and sellers up to date with all auction activity
  • Full and detailed search, watching and bid management facilities
  • An intelligent automatic (proxy) bidding system saves bidders time; enter your maximum amount and the system bids as necessary on your behalf!
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  • No subscription fees
  • No buyer’s fees
  • No sale, no fee
  • Nationwide market enhances choice and competition
  • Vehicle brochure download enables bidders to promote to client base cars from many more trusted sources
  • DMS data extraction pre-loads cars, saving time
  • “Pending” facility offers the unique feature of pre-loading any number of cars and scheduling start times
  • Provides an opportunity to adopt a transparent trading policy
  • Liquidate trade cars in one week
  • Interactive check and delivery service enables swift, hassle free purchase process
  • Full suite of buying and selling performance analysis reports
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