• We decided to install FullCompliance so that all company car users could log in and update as they went along. This has been a great success and it has cut down a lot of the old fashioned ‘number crunching’ needed to comply with HMRC. In addition we have saved considerable time working out personal mileages for re-imbursement of expenses.

    Stephanie Bostock - Financial Controller, Sandicliffe

FullCompliance is a web based system designed to meet national HMRC requirements that dealers account for company car user activity.

Adopting a real time solution to driver and vehicle record keeping indicates that your dealership has instilled a robust process designed to comply with these requirements and avoid potential exposure to significant financial penalties.

FullCompliance at a glance

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  • Accounts for all mileage on company vehicles whatever the use
  • Facilitates private mileage record keeping to the extent that a dealership could opt out of the HMRC Averaging Agreement
  • Substantiates dealership fuel policy and produces automated private and business use fuel expenses
  • Proves customer and business use only on static demonstrators
  • Calculates averaging and benefit in kind (BIK) calculations per band and driver
  • Provides driver reports to prove actual vehicle use aligns with driver BIK and banding
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  • Consecutive mileage logs for all company vehicles accounts for all private, business and customer use
  • Potential to opt out of the HMRC Averaging Agreement is motivational to drivers and removes static demonstrator restrictions
  • Accounting for all Private and Business mileage substantiates that drivers did not benefit from the use of any company or customer-provided fuel
  • The production of comprehensive mileage logs for static demonstrators proves they were not used for private use, in accordance with HMRC requirements
  • Efficient, automated production of annual HMRC BIK report for vehicles, bandings and driver allocations
  • Avoidance of financial penalties associated with unsubstantiated private use of vehicles above allocated banding
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