• The one page report nature of FullForecast suits us perfectly. We now access information faster than ever before; sharing this information across the Group.

    Gavin Cleverly - Brand Director, Mon Motors Cardiff, Bath and Bristol Audi

FullForecast lets you consolidate, drilldown, and analyse financial and operational data for real-time business insight.

FullForecast is a web based application consisting of 3 distinct elements:

  • Daily Operating Control
  • Management Forecasting Tool
  • Management Accounts

Providing an automated daily financial position MTD and YTD, FullForecast offers a number of department drilldowns which enable each manager to control their operational activities. Including Vehicles Sold, Vehicles Ordered, Labour Hours Sold, Labour GP and Work in Progress. Accounting anomalies and operational challenges can be identified and acted upon by department.

Group management can see daily performance data in a level of detail not usually available until draft accounts production. FullForecast helps introduce and maintain a culture of financial control that ensures tighter management of revenue and costs.


FullForecast at a glance

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  • Extracts data from ADP DMS to produce an online DOC for each depts. cost and revenue lines in a Management Accounts layout
  • Compares month and year to date performance to budget and dept managers forecast
  • Integrated Management Accounts module
  • Simple intuitive account mapping facility with audit trail for complete confidence
  • Real-time reporting with ADP values provides a powerful framework for performance reviews
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  • Improves accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of forecasts
  • Reduces time taken producing & consolidating dealer and group forecasts
  • Group Directors add more value through increased visibility of data
  • Best practice sharing as top performers more easily identified
  • Creates better informed performance managers
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We provide a range of integrated dealer management solutions and systems for the automotive industry. Our online solutions cover financial management, fleet management, daily rate insurance provision, benefit in kind compliance, trade car disposal, and used car stock control.

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