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    We have been using three Cooper Solutions products, FullCover, FullControl and FullForecast for some years now. FullCover provides an easy to use and flexible system to insure our fleet for both sales and aftersales. FullControl has provided an easy solution for group access to used cars. User friendly reporting allows simple analysis of performance across the dealers and has helped to deliver increased margins and stock turn and FullForecast quite simply has improved forecasting, speed of accounts production and maximisation of group performance.

    Sean Kelly - Managing Director, Vines Group

    We’ve worked closely with everyone at Cooper Solutions and they have consistently responded quickly and been attentive. I like the fact that on occasion they are not afraid to disagree with us in developing the software and that candour is a clear sign of a good partnership; it shows how well they understand the dealer environment because their views are always based upon real experience.

    Simon Lawrence - Director of Finance & Group Strategy, PSA Peugeot Citroen

    From knowing the benefits of the system, the ease of its use and the quality of service we’ve had in the past, I had no hesitation asking Cooper Solutions to work with us at Farnell Land Rover and Farnell Jaguar. Cooper Solutions work extremely closely with us to help us find any areas of improvement we can make – we very much see them as an extension of our team.

    Divisional Aftersales Director, Vertu Motors Group

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    I was not looking forward to having yet another new system but I will eat my words as I have not experienced such a helpful system before! FullCover makes life so much easier for the team. Cooper Solutions support is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble and whatever is asked of them gets done right away, they are a first class operation to deal with!

    Carol Wheatley - Senior Team Leader, Sytner Nottingham BMW & MINI

    Cooper Solutions FullCover insurance charges are very competitive but it’s not just that which makes them stand out from the crowd. Their reporting systems are second to none, their training makes it hassle free, and they offer fantastic back up when needed. They have been awesome.

    Divisional Aftersales Director, Vertu Motors Plc

    Since moving from a different product to FullCover we have had a more organised loan car diary that works much better for staff and customers. The system is so much more user friendly and allows reports to be ran that are very useful for management and future development, I would strongly recommend using Cooper Solutions.

    Service Manager, Williams Stockport

    We wanted a system which was intuitive and that would give us full visibility of how many days hire each of our vehicles have been used for and maximise any profit opportunities available to us. We’ve worked very closely with Cooper Solutions and FullCover has made a massive difference to our performance.

    Gavin Drakes - Honda Divisional Aftersales Manager, Vertu Motors Group

    As a major dealer group with many franchises we rely on Cooper Solutions to provide an industry leading FullCover process for our large courtesy car fleet. No matter what issues or queries occur, they are acted on in a professional and timely manner to ensure our very best customer satisfaction KPIs are met. A massive thank you to each and every one of you.

    David Robertson - Service Manager, Taggarts Peugeot, Nissan, Mazda & Volvo

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    We decided to install FullCompliance so that all company car users could log in and update as they went along. This has been a great success and it has cut down a lot of the old fashioned ‘number crunching’ needed to comply with HMRC. In addition we have saved considerable time working out personal mileages for re-imbursement of expenses.

    Stephanie Bostock - Financial Controller, Sandicliffe

    Arguably the biggest benefit FullCompliance brings is peace of mind. We are confident and relaxed that when we are audited by the tax inspectors, we have the records which prove we are paying exactly what we should be paying. FullCompliance has brought savings to the dealership in terms of fuel costs and time. Cooper Solutions worked very hard with us to ensure the system did everything we needed it to do and more. It is low maintenance, easy to operate and the training and support from Cooper Solutions has been superb.

    Jenny Kiff - Financial Controller, Sytner Leicester BMW

    As a business we were looking for a robust system to record private and business use of our vehicle fleet to protect the company and also our employees from any potential HMRC enquiry. Having already implemented a range of Cooper Solutions' products we were familiar with the software functionality and on-going support provided by their friendly staff. Since FullCompliance was implemented we have seen a range of benefits including a dramatic reduction in our business fuel claims.

    Matthew Wilson - Accountant, North Oxford BMW

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    We have found FullAppraisal to be quick and easy to use, giving us the ability to produce much more professional-looking appraisals. Customers appreciate the modern approach, and having an electronic valuation carries more weight when we discuss price. Having our appraisals all together in an electronic format also gives us greater visibility into our pipeline stock.

    Mark Hollands - Head of Business, Vines Guildford

    The appraisal tool is quick and easy to use and enables us to perform a much smoother turnaround of vehicles. We're able to appraise vehicles on the day of arrival, launch an auction the next morning and then complete a sale in less than 24 hours.

    Mike Bird - Mercedes-Benz of Hertford

    Now dealers are using the appraisal tool, descriptions are excellent, comprehensive and accurate, we bid more because we are confident of what we’re buying.

    Ian Woodham - Chevron Cars

    FullAppraisal completely cuts out any paper trails and the potential for any inaccuracies, it enables a much quicker turnaround of appraising vehicles and is easy for the team to access records on the database. It is working extremely well for us.

    John Thompson - Used Car Controller, Mercedes-Benz of Hertford

    I have to say that now dealers are using the appraisal tool, descriptions are of superior quality and as a result I can bid in confidence. I have made several purchases from Mercedes-Benz of Hertford, through FullAuction, knowing that they pride themselves on an accurate appraisal and excellent customer service.

    Mathew Hall - MSH Ltd

    The new appraisal system has supported us with this quicker turnaround of vehicles ready to launch on FullAuction as it reduces time spent re-appraising vehicles, taking photographs and writing descriptions. It is working extremely well for us.

    Mike Bird - Mercedes-Benz of Hertford

    I have noticed that since the selling dealers have been using the appraisal tool the descriptions on the site are more accurate and have a lot more detail. The team at Cooper Solutions understand the process from a buyers standpoint and are always courteous and efficient.

    Richard Alvarez - Director, AZ Autos

    We have been using FullAuction very successfully and so using Cooper Solutions' latest offering, FullAppraisal, was a logical next step. It's an internet-based solution that takes the sales manager through a very clear set of questions to create a complete picture of a car's condition and value on that day. Thanks to the fact that we're now able to offer customers a better process for their part exchange vehicles, this enables us to sell more new cars. It's a great win:win situation for us and our customers. My only regret is that we didn't start using these solutions earlier!

    Steve Philpott - Brand Manager, Beadles

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    We started to use FullAuction and the improvement in the timing of the disposal of our trade and older retail stock and the prices being paid for these vehicles, was both significant and almost instantaneous. We cleared all of our trade stock in just over a week, some of which had sat with us for a while as we could not get sensible bids, but which washed their face when sold through FullAuction, releasing cash with which we increased our retail stock. The team at FullAuction are both helpful and professional and clearly work on behalf of their clients in order to maximise bids. My only regret is that we did not know of this service previously.

    Richard Hill - Operations Director, Big Cars Limited

    We bought our first car on your Auction site this afternoon - very exciting! What a cracking site it is, informative and for a 60 year old easy to follow and use!

    Dave Woolf - Leigh Autos

    The FullAuction service is second-to-none. I've spent years sourcing my own stock, arranging collection and having to sort issues with sellers. Now, the wide choice of cars on FullAuction means I can locate all the stock I need in one place and the proactive delivery service saves me a huge amount of time. The responsiveness of the FullAuction team to any query means all the information and contacts I need are immediately available, allowing me to put all my time and effort into selling cars!

    Paul Ansell - Proprietor, S J Quality Used Cars

    We have been selling all of our trade cars on FullAuction for the past couple of months with fantastic levels of success. The service is simple and effective and has helped us to boost a previously untapped revenue stream with a modern yet simplistic system.

    James Weston - Chief Executive, Robins & Day

    Since using FullAuction we have seen a dramatic rise in trade profit and have had lots of bids from the trade nationally. The site is easy to use and gives us confidence when pricing part exchanges, leading to increased retail numbers.

    Mark Lamprell - Used Car Sales Manager, Robins & Day Chelmsford

    I highly recommend using FullAuction, it’s not just a great auction site, but has some incredible stock too. I’m extremely impressed with the level of service provided by the FullAuction team. Having used several other motor auction websites, FullAuction’s user friendly layout and search facility is the best I have used. I have only seen FullAuction go one way since they started - UP! All other Internet Auction sites should be worried, very worried!

    Ollie Davis - Proprietor, O.Davis Cars Ltd

    We have been using FullAuction since June 2011 with our sister company purchasing cars for our used car business. As this has proved successful it made sense to try selling our ex rental vehicles as there are competitive traders bidding every day. We launched 12 cars and vans in February and sold them all! The team are very supportive at managing the relationships to ensure a smooth transaction takes place.

    Paul Atkinson - Director, Kendall Car and Van Rental

    I have been using FullAuction since August 2011 and find it to be a highly effective way to source stock. With no buying fees and nationwide stock, it is my first place to buy quality trade vehicles. The team at FullAuction always provide a personal service and are friendly and efficient.

    Lee Ritchie - Proprietor, Westgrove Cars

    We have used FullAuction now for over a year to extend our purchase options. I was originally apprehensive as I am a strong believer in face to face dealing and building up a good relationship with local businesses. From day one I have been extremely happy with the way the team at FullAuction conduct themselves, they are always extremely helpful and refreshingly optimistic. FullAuction has given us the scope to pick and choose cars that we would normally struggle to find with in our Dealer Network, we will continue to use them and we always look forward to their calls.

    Leon Shatwell - Buyer, Mr Sean McGrath

    I joined FullAuction in October 2012 and have been a regular buyer off the site. I think it is a valuable tool for sourcing stock, the system is easy to use and the FullAuction team are always very helpful. I am regularly out of the country but the FullAuction team have still contacted me regarding any outstanding deals, making sure that I don’t miss out. Great people with a willing to help attitude, pleasure to do business with and long may it continue.

    Mathew Hall - Proprietor, MSH Ltd

    FullAuction has provided me with a constant and varied choice of quality main dealer part exchanges the supply of which has enabled my business to develop. The time site saves me rather than visiting auctions or physically trawling around main dealers for stock is invaluable. My experience of dealing with and talking to members of the team has always been positive and helpful. Inevitably after buying in the hundreds of vehicles from the site I have had the odd 'hiccup' but the team has always endeavoured to resolve matters where they could. Keep up the good work.

    Ian Barker - Proprietor, Ian Barker Ltd

    I’ve been in car trade for 50 years bought and sold cars all over England but now I buy cars only through FullAuction - no running all over the place. You will always get a first class service from the team, who are brilliant and always go out their way to help. For me it is the way forward for buying cars.

    Denis White - Proprietor, Carwise

    Having used FullAuction for over two years I can certainly recommend their service. They are ideal for generating stock (part exchanges) direct from franchised dealers being a conduit between the two parties - and at no cost (subscription or charges) to the purchasers. I hope they go from strength to strength.

    Michael Wheeler - Proprietor, D.E Wheeler Ltd

    FullAuction is an excellent system for both selling and buying stock. The team are very attentive and helpful and will push to close a sale, nothing is too much trouble. Keep up the great work!

    Steve Jones - Proprietor, Ridgeway Cars

    Since we adopted FullAuction in November 2014, our process for remarketing our trade stock has been transformed. The impact on our business has been massive. Last year, we were just about breaking even in trade-ins. It's a much more efficient system that has completely changed our attitude towards part exchanges. It's now a transparent, efficient part of our business that's actually making us a profit. That's unheard of in my experience of the motor trade!

    Steve Philpott - Brand Manager, Beadles

    We're delighted to have reached our 1000th purchase with Cooper Solutions. FullAuction is a fantastic tool for online vehicle remarketing that really puts the car dealer first. One of its chief selling points is convenience; rather than having to have a physical presence in auctions up and down the country, we can browse the varied stock available on FullAuction from our office, saving time and increasing our overall profitability.

    Spokesperson, Manor Investments

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    FullForecast quite simply has improved forecasting, speed of accounts production and maximisation of group performance. Miles better than the old spreadsheet system we operated for both forecast and accounts package.

    Sean Kelly - Managing Director, Vines Group

    The one page report nature of FullForecast suits us perfectly. We now access information faster than ever before; sharing this information across the Group. As well as better control this is also creating an enhanced competitive spirit; everyone wants to be top of the right tables. It’s a win-win situation with quality information available quickly.

    Gavin Cleverly - Brand Director, Mon Motors Cardiff, Bath and Bristol Audi

    We have worked closely with Cooper Solutions since 2009. Their FullForecast system is highly intuitive and has enabled us to access key information faster than ever before; sharing this information across the Group in a format designed for non-financial Managers. Management teams now take positive actions to increase profitability across the business.

    Simon Lawrence - Director of Finance & Group Strategy, PSA Peugeot Citroen

    We are running FullForecast in parallel to our old system and I have just reconciled the two! The Full Group Overview works a treat and will save me so much time – now off to the pub to celebrate!!

    Paul Betts - Financial Director, Motorline

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    The FullFinancials Debtor analysis module has had a dramatic effect on our credit control performance. The increased visibility afforded by this solution has helped reduce Debtor days by 20%. The credit control teams now spend more time doing what we need them to do; collecting debt not collating data.

    Simon Lawrence - Director of Finance & Group Strategy, PSA Peugeot Citroen

    FullFinancials Debtor analysis is invaluable...It’s the ideal tool to frame our regular debtor reviews with a real time debt position just a click away!

    Kevin Geary - Accountant, Rybrook Group

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    FullControl has enabled us to achieve a higher than budgeted PPU by helping to reduce preparation time and costs, reduce delivery cycle of confirmed orders and manage age profile. Our Sales Execs now access a more accurate and timely group stocklist which satisfies any used stock enquiry. This helps us to sell more cars which helps us achieve a good stock turn.

    Jason Almond - Franchise Director, Williams BMW

    FullControl has helped our Group achieve an excellent used car performance through increased visibility of key stock information. Extraction of data from ADP ensures any stock management issues are quickly acted upon. This has resulted in the Group increasing sales and profit per unit values owing to improved control of the preparation cycle and costs and salesmen always using up to date stock lists, thus selling stock more quickly for more profit.

    Jennie Nattrass - MINI Manager, Cotswold Group

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