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FullAuction is a trade only, online vehicle auction site.

Significantly lower transaction costs mean increased profit for your business.

  • Auction pages include detailed appraisals, photographs, service history and other relevant descriptions
  • The only online vehicle auction platform providing van appraisal diagrams, with automatic default to the type of vehicle being sold
  • Start, reserve and auction duration within complete control of the seller
  • All auction pages dynamically update and have a live, real-time countdown
  • A full range of automated message notifications keep buyers and sellers up to date with all auction activity
  • Full and detailed search, watching and bid management facilities
  • A proxy bidding facility saves busy traders time; enter your maximum amount and the system bids as necessary on your behalf

Benefits of using FullAuction

  • Vehicle download brochure enables bidders to promote cars from many more trusted sources
  • DMS data extraction pre-loads cars, saving valuable administration time
  • Liquidate trade cars in less than a week
  • ‘Pending’ section offers the unique pre-loading facility for multiple cars at your leisure
  • Interactive vehicle collection facility enables swift, hassle-free purchase and disposal process
  • Comprehensive real-time suite of buying and selling performance reports against CAP expectations
  • Transaction fees are up to 9 times lower than those at physical auction
  • Enhance choice and competition with instant access to a national network of buyers
  • Up to 20 times more bidders compared to physical auction
  • Streamline listing and administration process when combined with FullAppraisal digital vehicle appraisal tool
  • Fully compatible mobile site to enable selling and buying on the go

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