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What is FullControl?

FullControl is a used stock management system that manages all stages of the sales process.  The system integrates with CAP valuations to compare SIV and selling prices to influence pricing and deal management.

From our analysis, 40% of all used vehicles are sold for less than the budgeted profit per unit based on an optimal 45 days in stock, FullControl helps retailers increase achieve better than budget profit per unit by:

  • Reducing prep time turnaround
  • Reducing unexpected prep costs
  • Highlighting overage vehicles
  • Providing sale price action history
  • Reducing average order to delivery time

FullControl benefits various roles across the business:

  • Improved operational control of day to day activities and process in CDK for administration teams
  • Sales execs are provided with accurate and timely stock lists, and access to our integrated Fleet Management System for recording demo with industry leading day rate insurance
  • Sales Managers can proactively address overage stock, manage prep cycle, delivery cycle of confirmed orders, consistently monitor stock and price auctioning activities

Benefits of using FullControl

  • Reports and stock lists are updated in real-time from CDK at a click of a button
  • Transparency of dealer and group stock enables a group perspective on all issues
  • Margins increase as prep cost management improves
  • Reports include number of unprepared cars and average prep time
  • Dealer & group demo diary raising awareness of availability of stock
  • Highly visible price actioning supports dealer stocking age policy

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