Used Stock Control

You have 45 days to make budgeted profit levels on used cars so are effectively in a race against time. In order to win the race it is essential to ensure that processes are in place to optimise the speed and quality of preparation. This requires attention to detail from the used car appraisal, through the preparation process and during the time the car is on sale. It’s important to know how many cars are unprepared, for sale and sold but not delivered.

Our used car stock control solution uses technology to provide a framework of reports, stock lists and functionality that fit with good business processes  With updates in real time from ADP at the click of a button, the result is improved preparation time, better control of costs, frequently reviewed selling prices and a healthier bottom line.



From preparation time to days in stock, selling price adjustments and gross profit achieved, FullControl is much more than a stock list. It allows managers to maximise profit opportunities from their used car business. More information →

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