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FullCycle – turning service into sales

Did you know?

  • Up to 50% of customers coming into your service department purchased their vehicle elsewhere
  • Of these, nearly half again are prime to change their vehicle, based on key criteria such as length of ownership and end of contract renewal

FullCycle produces a sales contact list of incoming service customers, including those prime to change. With the unique benefit of intelligent reporting, centred around upcoming service bookings in CDK, you have full visibility of these customers, and can monitor all customer interaction throughout the buying cycle.



This means that, at the click of a button, you’re not simply seeing a list of who will be in your dealership the following day, you can pinpoint every single opportunity to improve profitability.
By creating a better understanding and communication between dealership and customer, FullCycle can increase profitability, allowing you to turn service into sales.

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