System Requirements

The system requirements for using our products are fairly minimal. No special software is required, and in fact most Windows-based computers purchased within the last few years should work without installing any software at all!

Most important is a 17″ monitor set to at least 1024×768 resolution. A larger monitor is better and many pages will take advantage of a larger screen and display more information.

A broadband Internet connection is also very important; the systems will work acceptably over slow connections but with a fast connection they are as responsive as a typical Windows application.

You’ll also need a printer, any monochrome laser printer and/or colour inkjet printer will suffice. Some reports have a colour option for highlighting specific information, so a colour printer can be useful.

Operating System

Windows 10 is the only secure and generally supported version of Windows, but our website still works on Windows 7.

Web Browser

We recommend using a modern, secure web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, but our website still works on Internet Explorer version 11.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

A PDF reader is required for viewing and printing PDF reports. Most computers nowadays will include a PDF reader but we recommend using the latest version Adobe Acrobat Reader.