Jordan Bell, General Sales Manager

Ocean Falmouth BMW

We have been using FullCycle since April 2021. Despite initial reservations about adopting another system into the process, it almost immediately proved a very useful tool.

We sell cars as a direct result of this on a weekly basis – over and above the natural influx of sales from service customers.

The data gives us a valuable insight especially for customers who purchased their vehicles elsewhere. We are still learning and habit-forming with the teams, but so far, pleased with the results.

Allison Rhind – Group Sales Systems and Process Manager

Stoneacre Motor Group

FullCycle, the digital service-to-sales prospecting diary, is intuitive and provides outstanding incremental sales and retention results, coupled with accurate information at the click of a button, thus enhancing the relationship and timely engagement with our customers at each site.

The ease of which the system flows, and the innovative provision of both our companies working together is absolutely outstanding!

The collective, professional account management provided allows Stoneacre Motor Group to feel valued as a client.

Amanda Lang – Retention Specialist

Snows Toyota Hedge End

In my role as a retention specialist, FullCycle is a great platform to make the most of every opportunity for sales and service.

Using the system has been very beneficial to us as a business.  Being able to quote for a service plan directly from the system saves us a great deal of time.  It is extremely helpful to be able to see how long a customer has owned their vehicle, and when their finance agreement expires – even when this is with another finance house.

Having the ability to make notes on the system is a huge benefit, not only for myself but also for my sales team members, who also use FullCycle to see when their customers are coming in.  This allows us to engage with and target the right customers at the right time.

FullCycle is a valuable part of my daily prospecting.  I have appointed many customers who have purchased a new or used car from us, and I have also sold and renewed many service plans.