We have been using FullCycle since April 2021. Despite initial reservations about adopting another system into the process, it almost immediately proved a very useful tool. We sell cars as a direct result of this on a weekly basis – over and above the natural influx of sales from service customers. The data gives us a valuable insight especially for customers who purchased their vehicles elsewhere. We are still learning and habit-forming with the teams, but so far, pleased with the results.

Jordan Bell, General Sales Manager, Ocean Falmouth BMW

Cooper Solutions’ FullControl was recommended to us as prep organisation and efficiency has been a big problem for our division within Snows. FullControl has given us quick and easy reporting systems that ensure everyone in the division is on the same page. By ensuring everyone within our division, regardless of position or department, are on the same page, our expectations have been met.  I was surprised how versatile the system is, and it can be adapted to suite any dealership of any size. It is not only the product itself that has been impressive.  Gabriel from Coopers is first class.  He is patient with my team, and knowledgeable and passionate about the product. What would I say to someone else who could use this product to solve a similar problem? ……'Definitely get on board with FullControl, it will save you time managing your stock and certainly increase your profit margins.'

Ross Perks, Franchise Used Car Manager, Snows BMW MINI FIAT SEAT

"Cooper Solutions is an integral part of our used car process."  

Christian Thomas, Mon Motors Group

"The appraisal process links across all four of our sites. This means we can be more consistent. Making that process digital also means we have a much better paper trail. Part-ex can be evaluated at group level meaning I can see from the appraisal process what can be retailed out as a used car and what needs to go to auction."

Jon Taylor, Stephen James BMW

"We have found FullAppraisal to be quick and easy to use, giving us the ability to produce much more professional looking appraisals. Customers appreciate the modern approach, and having an electronic valuation carries more weight when we discuss price. Having our appraisals all together in an electronic format also gives us greater visibility into our pipeline stock."

Mark Hollands, Vines Guildford

"Switching to FullAppraisal has without a doubt been a big forward step for us and one that I am delighted with. Moving to a digital based system can only improve our bottom line profitability further, with more accurate appraisals, better efficiency, leaving less room for error. Buying has now become more efficient as I have a much clearer, real time picture of potential retail opportunities coming in part-exchange across the group."

Andy Garrett, Breeze Volkswagen

"One of the main things FullAppraisal has done is really boost the interaction with customers. We're getting them much more involved in the appraisal, taking them through the process as it's done on the ipad."

Nigel Storey, Soper BMW Lincoln

“The FullFinancials Debtor analysis module has had a dramatic effect on our credit control performance. The increased visibility afforded by this solution has helped reduce Debtor days by 20%.  The credit control teams now spend more time doing what we need them to do; collecting debt not collating data".    

Simon Lawrence, PSA Peugeot Citroen

"Just a follow up to say all went very smoothly yesterday and the new system is in and operational."

Stewart McLagan, TrustFord

"We have had really good feedback from the sites - everyone seems very impressed with the system and found the training really enjoyable."

Hollie Etherton, TrustFord

"We are all very pleased with the new system, it seems so much better and easier compared to the previous system."

Cliff Farrell, TrustFord

"I am more likely to buy from FullAuction than from its competitors because it allows me to cap my budget when bidding so I can avoid eroding my margins. Unlike other users who may be retailers with a large forecourt holding lots of stock, I have a very quick turnaround and therefore my margin is much tighter."

Mathew Hall, MSH Ltd

"The mobile bidding function is vital for me, as it means I can still use FullAuction, even when I'm abroad for months at a time. Crucially, this allows me to keep an eye on sales, meaning I never miss a deal on great quality stock. All the sellers on FullAuction are proven and trustworthy giving me the confidence to buy knowing that vehicle descriptions and photos are accurate. This is essential, as I buy vehicles unseen and have them delivered straight to retailers, so our reputation depends on buying and selling from people we can trust."

Mathew Hall, MSH Ltd

"In short it has transformed our remarketing process and is making us more money. People buying our cars travel far and wide, it is probably the best initiative we have implemented in a very long time. We are now in total control of our part exchange pricing and have removed the huge influence a few local traders were exerting. We have also seen new and used sales increase by double digits year on year because we can afford additional leeway in our part exchange offers to secure a sale in the knowledge that, overall, our disposal route is highly profitable".

Mark Hollands, Head of Business, Vines Group

"I have been using FullAuction since august 2011 and find it to be a highly effective way to source stock. With nationwide stock, it is my first place to buy quality trade vehicles. The team at FullAuction always provide a personal service and are friendly and efficient."

Lee Ritchie Proprietor, Westgrove Cars

"We have been using FullAuction since June 2011 with our sister company purchasing cars for our used car business. As this has proved successful it made sense to try selling our ex rental vehicles as there are competitive traders bidding every day. We launched 12 cars and vans in February and sold them all! The team are very supportive at managing the relationships to ensure a smooth transaction takes place."

Paul Atkinson, Director, Kendall Car & Van Rental

FullControl has helped our Group achieve an excellent used car performance through increased visibility of key stock information. Extraction of data from ADP ensures any stock management issues are quickly acted upon. This has resulted in the Group increasing sales and profit per unit values owing to improved control of the preparation cycle and costs and salesmen always using up to date stock lists, thus selling stock more quickly for more profit

Jennie Nattrass, MINI Manager, Cotswold Group

We decided to install FullCompliance so that all company car users could log in and update as they went along. This has been a great success and it has cut down a lot of the old fashioned ‘number crunching’ needed to comply with HMRC. In addition we have saved considerable time working out personal mileages for re-imbursement of expenses.

Stephanie Bostock, Financial Controller, Sandicliffe

FullCover is making us more money than our previous supplier. The reports are really helpful and an excellent account review highlighted opportunities for improvement. I now regularly monitor fleet utilisation, all the staff are happy as the system is really easy to use.

Steve Foden, Service Manager, Furrows Holdings Ltd

Cooper Solutions FullCover insurance charges are very competitive but it’s not just that which makes them stand out from the crowd. Their reporting systems are second to none, their training makes it hassle free, while they offer fantastic back up if needed. They have been awesome.

Peter Elliot, Group Aftersales Development Manager, Vertu Motors Plc

The one page report nature of FullForecast suits us perfectly. We now access information faster than ever before; sharing this information across the Group. As well as better control this is also creating an enhanced competitive spirit; everyone wants to be top of the right tables. It’s a win-win situation with quality information available quickly.

Gavin Cleverly, Brand Director, Mon Motors Group

We’ve worked closely with everyone at Cooper Solutions and they have consistently responded quickly and been attentive. I like the fact that on occasion they are not afraid to disagree with us in developing the software and that candour is a clear sign of a good partnership; it shows how well they understand the dealer environment because their views are always based upon real experience.

Simon Lawrence, Director of Finance & Group Strategy, PSA Peugeot Citroen

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