27% of UK car buyers would purchase online without a test drive. What does this mean for your dealership?

Recently we read that 27% of UK car buyers would purchase online without a test drive.

Is this surprising nowadays when consumers are more informed than ever?

Probably not. The way in which we purchase goods and services has changed dramatically, and we can research online before we set foot in a dealership. New disruptors are muscling in on the way we buy cars, for instance, CarWow alone can net more than 3m views of one car review on its YouTube channel.

This, along with slow growth and the uncertainty of how Brexit will hit the automotive industry means that retailers face tough times. So, to protect their bricks and mortar business model, retailers need to work harder and smarter to retain those customers who DO step over the dealership threshold.

The regular throughput of service customers is a potential sales channel, but only if they are engaged with appropriately, and so it is vital that sales and service departments work together to establish a relationship which will ultimately lead to a sale.

Looking after customers who visit a dealership for a service can establish loyalty and make a positive impact on sales when it comes to buying their next car, preventing them from purchasing online.