Best Practice – Cooper Solutions’ Top Tips for online appraisal

Attention to detail
We all know accuracy is key when it comes to appraisal, but it can be all too easy to lose paper forms while interpreting colleagues’ handwriting can sometimes be problematic! Using digital software is a very simple and effective method to record the information needed. With a tablet-based tool, dealers are able to quickly input key figures, while targeted prompts ensure no information is missed out during the process.

Saving time, keeping interest
Appraising a part-exchange can be a time consuming process. However, by using web-based tools, salespeople can shave valuable minutes from the data entry. Plus, by using technology with which customers are familiar, such as iPads, dealers can involve their clients in the process. This not only helps conversation flow, but also builds rapport and encourages a feeling of honesty and approachability with the sales team.

Transparency is key
Harnessing the power of digital is critical if dealers want to get ahead in today’s ultra-competitive market. By using digital software, dealers can get instant live market valuations using integrated data from CAP immediately after data entry, creating a smooth transition towards talking about finance options with the customer. Integration with CDK then ensures the part-exchange is tracked throughout the sales process, with the vehicle details instantly sent to online auction apps for the best possible profit margin.