Cooper Solutions Notches Up Another Record Month In Vehicle Loan Days As March Plate Change Boosts Dealer Business

The countdown to increased VED rates from 1st April adds to new and used car demand

Following the latest figures from the SMMT, which report a 8.4% increase in new car registrations in March – the biggest month ever, Coopers Solutions announces a record month of over 275,000 insured demonstrator and loan car days.

Dean Pipitone, Director at Cooper Solutions comments: “Industry predictions for March car sales were always bullish, as buyers were expected to take advantage of the new ’17-plate. Our FullCover figures already confirm a very positive picture.

“March saw a 26% increase year-on-year, with courtesy car insured days up to 210,574 and demonstrator days up to 64,732, a very healthy month across the industry.”

FullCover provides immediate, affordable loan car insurance for dealer customers and improves their overall courtesy car and demonstration experience. For dealers, it not only removes an unnecessary administration burden for service and sales teams, it gives dealer’s peace of mind that they are meeting their duty of care, as dealers, customers and the general public are fully covered in the event of an accident.

Dean Pipitone of Cooper Solutions, adds, “At a time when sales and service teams are pushed to the maximum, it’s vital that customer service is not compromised. This is when FullCover really comes in to its own, as it makes life easier for our partners by streamlining the management of their fleet, whilst enhancing the customer’s journey. By harnessing technology to support sales activity dealers not only remain focused on their duty of care obligations, but ultimately benefit from increased revenue.”

April 2017