Don’t miss out on your easiest sales opportunities

Your service customers are a goldmine, but they might not be ready to buy a new car right now.  So, it’s important that they are engaged with accordingly allowing you to build a relationship with them.

How will you do this?

What do you know about your service customers?

• They are buyers – they already own a car
• They like your dealership – they would probably go somewhere else if they didn’t
• They will give you their time, if approached in a non-threatening manner and the time spent is of benefit to them.

Talk to them! Have a conversation.

You could ask them:

• How long have you had your car?
• What do you like best about it?
• Has it exceeded all your expectations?
• If you were changing it for something else what would you most want in addition?
• What would you most want to replicate?
• Would you be interested in driving the latest model of what you currently drive?
• Or would you like to try something else?
• What are you driving?
• What kind of work are you having done today?
• Are you happy with our service department?
• Where did you buy your last car from?

Establishing a rapport with your customers builds trust and will allow you to establish their wants, needs and timescales. So when it IS time for them to purchase their next cars, it’s you they visit, rather than being tempted by another dealer, another brand, or buying online.