FullForecast news! Most recent developments

We invest heavily in the development of our products.  In this Sprint, we’ve turned our attention to FullForecast; a solution that provides users with real-time access to a dealer’s performance with access to both financial and operational data.  Now when describing effective users of FullForecast, I tell people that they use the information to respond to shortfalls in revenue and manage increase in costs.  Never has this been as relevant as it is today!  I’m pleased to announce that the most recent development will help make this even easier.

The latest release includes a custom “KPI report” providing a different view of the P&L and/or balance sheet at a dealer and group level.  The detail and calculations can be defined line by line to meet your requirements.  We can even accommodate composite calcs if you post STATS journals to CDK.

This report is the foundation for upcoming development, which will see these department drivers represented visually making it quick and easy to discern trends.

The next phase of development will focus on department exceptions and ways in which you can improve performance by doing more of the good stuff and taking action much sooner on the bad stuff.

What does this mean?

No longer will we be a passive commentator on your business but highlighting the Act now points in sales, aftersales, working capital.  Giving people from the bottom up, top down actionable data to drive performance and profitability.