Getting the best price under the online hammer

When it comes to selling on an online auction site, there are a few things sellers can do to give their vehicles the edge.  One thing is for sure, honesty is the best policy when it comes to listing vehicles. Buyers won’t necessarily be put off by the odd scratch or dent, but if you hide it, they’ll rightly wonder what else you aren’t telling them.

An accurate listing and description of a vehicle is the most important thing to remember. Sellers should also make sure they have a complete service history, V5 and MOT certificate. This enables retailers to know what they are buying and have confidence in the seller and the condition of the car they are bidding on. A car that’s described honestly will maximise bidding opportunities and encourage more sales. Include a full description, such as colour and condition, but don’t forget to highlight benefits such as a low mileage or any attractive interior features.

On top of an accurate description, good presentation is key in attracting a good level of buyer interest. Spend a little extra and get a proper valet service to spruce up the vehicle. Vehicles that are well prepared will retail quickly, improving stock turn and cash flow.

Photography is essential to enhance the description. Wash the vehicle before taking pictures and get shots of the interior and exterior, plus a photo of the service book. Use the best pictures first, using a full shot of the vehicle as the cover image.

Another trick of the trade is to set a realistic reserve price. Remember, this is only disclosed to buyers once the auction has finished, however, by starting at a low price, sellers can attract early bidders and watchers.

FullAuction is our trade-only vehicle auction site and makes selling easy and more profitable. Many of the key steps for getting a good price are included in FullAuction, helping retailers sell their stock for more. In addition, the service attracts hundreds of validated buyers, with a quick and easy listing process, making it easier to sell and deliver vehicles for a more positive auction experience.