TrustFord Partners With Cooper Solutions For FullCover

Daily rate insurance offering for vehicle loans enhances customer experience and unlocks revenue opportunities

TrustFord, wholly owned by Ford Motor company, is entering a new partnership with Cooper Solutions. Under the new agreement TrustFord’s aftersales force will benefit from access to FullCover, the fleet management system that delivers automated daily rate insurance on courtesy and test drive vehicles.

FullCover delivers centralised data on over 300 courtesy cars across the groups 40 dealerships, giving users access to detailed reporting and maximising revenue opportunities through loan car cost recovery. “FullCover offers us a streamlined process that automatically validates driver’s licence details, allowing the courtesy car loan administration process to be faster, more efficient and following best practice. We can reserve, start and finish a loan in less than 30 seconds,” explains Stuart Creswell, Service Director at TrustFord.

“Crucially, FullCover allows us to maximise revenue opportunities by recovering costs across the Group. Customers can opt to reduce the loan car insurance excess by purchasing excess cover with us, driving efficiencies and providing customers with greater peace of mind that they are financially protected in the event of an accident.”

Marking the partnership as one to drive technology advancements, TrustFord is the first to benefit from Cooper Solutions’ FullCustomer, a new solution that removes the need to duplicate customer information entry into the FullCover system. The pilot of FullCustomer with TrustFord has seen a reduction in wasted administration time and significant improvement in data accuracy.

Dean Pipitone, director of Cooper Solutions adds, “We are excited to be working closely with TrustFord to bring them the latest in fleet management solutions. FullCover is designed to put dealers in control of their business and deliver an enhanced customer experience, and for TrustFord it’s proving to do just that, acting as a framework for the entire group. Crucially, not only does it deliver a fleet management offering and effective short-term insurance for customer loan cars, it helps businesses like TrustFord maximise profit opportunities.”