Avoid overspending on unneccesary costs at auction

We launched FullAuction, our online trade remarketing platform, in 2011 and since then Cooper Solutions has grown successfully across many areas of our business. We’ve seen:

• Total annual revenue rise by 133%
• Employees nearly double to 32
• Annually subscribing franchised dealers up from 1247 to over 2000
• Dealer demo and loan cars insured on a daily basis up to over 9000 per day

An excellent record of success achieved through great people working together to develop, market and support software solutions that help retailers’ processes, performance and profitability.

Interesting then to note that during that time FullAuction hasn’t enjoyed the remarkable success we’ve come to expect.

Almost 75000 cars have been sold at an average profit of £159 per car; more than 2000 buyers have registered with us, of which more than 1700 purchased a vehicle in the last 12 months.

However, these numbers are slight compared to those seen by physical auction houses which remain the remarketing channel of choice, despite typically making more than the selling dealer from the transaction because of the high buyers’ fees they charge.

Given the declining profitability of sales departments and dealers in general, isn’t it time to ring the changes with a shift to online auction – it adds as much value, but with a far lower overhead.

Across all our solutions nothing can make a retailer more incremental revenue than FullAuction.