VW Trust Group Streamlines Its Courtesy Car Fleet Operations With FullCover

Cooper Solutions’ partnership boosts customer satisfaction and brings financial gain

VW Trust Group’s partnership with Cooper Solutions is benefitting from utilising the FullCover fleet management system, helping it improve the management of, and insuring, its courtesy car fleet. Thanks to the collaboration, VW Trust’s courtesy car service is also now a profit earning opportunity for the business, delivering real added value to customers.

Operating in the West Midlands, VW Trust Group has a fleet of over 40 courtesy cars across the Group’s 6 dealership locations and FullCover from Cooper Solutions streamlines the entire short-term insurance administration process for the fleet. Complementing the Group’s existing CDK dealer platform, the automated system also validates the driver’s licence details, making bookings much quicker for both dealer and customer, whilst bringing greater peace of mind for VW Trust Group that it is financially protected in the event of an accident. The capability to extract customer data from the CDK dealer platform, eliminates duplication and ensures accurate reporting. FullCover includes a day rate insurance option for customers as standard, enabling the VW Group to benefit from a lower insurance premium for its own motor trade policy.

The Cooper Solutions team provided coaching and training sessions from the outset of the collaboration, ensuring the VW Trust’s customer service team knows how to maximise the benefits of FullCover. Not only does the system’s suite of accountable reports put users in control of their courtesy car fleet, it expedites the claims process, providing a seamless conclusion for the benefit of all concerned. Furthermore, meeting GDPR requirements, FullCover removes the need for the Group to store physical loan forms and copies of driving licences.

“By working closely with Cooper Solutions, we were able to put the spotlight on an area of our business that was not yielding results for us or our customers, crucially, we’ve been able to turn a loss making administration process into a profit earning, added-value customer service,” explains Andrew Hockedy, Managing Director for VW Trust Group.

“FullCover keeps track of our courtesy cars, speeds up bookings and reduces our overheads – not least of which because it protects our claims history and reduces our own insurance premium. These benefits have all been key to us in improving performance across our Group. FullCover has made a tangible difference, backed by ongoing expert support from the Cooper Solutions team.”

Dean Pipitone, director of Cooper Solutions, adds, “We will continue to work closely with VW Trust Group to help them deliver an enhanced customer experience that protects their business. FullCover is designed to put dealers in control of their fleet, offering detailed reports and a streamlined process that generates revenue and boosts customer retention.”