Best Practice – Streamline your part-ex process

The customer journey at your dealership
Customers are far better informed than they have ever been, and with fewer customers stepping through the doors of dealerships today, it’s vital that retailers stay ahead of the competition and provide a quick and efficient valuation process on a part-exchange vehicle.
Using an electronic solution such as FullAppraisal allows retailers to present a professional, trustworthy and transparent service when managing the part-exchange process.

FullAppraisal is intuitive; teams can efficiently appraise incoming part-exchange vehicles, creating a ‘packet’ of data that can be shared within the dealership or wider group.
By avoiding duplication when entering information and eliminating chances that paperwork could be mislaid, using technology makes for a slicker and more efficient operation which is easy to track and measure.
Barry Cooper said “nowadays, customers expect a modern retailer experience, and retailers who are maximising their use of technology impress customers the most. It’s too easy to miss off vital pieces of information about the vehicle, which can make all the difference to achieving the right hit rate and ultimately the price which underpins the importance of a robust and effective appraisal process, ideally digital and integrated into the dealer’s digital remarketing process.”

Digital remarketing
Moving to digital remarketing using a system such as FullAppraisal allows access to market valuations using integrated data from CAP immediately after data entry. By transferring this information to an online auction site such as FullAuction, retailers can be sure of a quick sale to a national market at minimal transaction cost. Vehicles that have been more accurately appraised benefit from a higher average selling price through confident bidding.
Combining your appraisal process with an e-auction site ensures an end-to-end trade management solution that is efficient, stress-free and profitable.
The paperless age is here!

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