Cardiff Audi builds on its customer centric sales approach using Cooper Solutions’ FullCycle

Return on investment achieved in the first month

Cardiff Audi, part of Mon Motors Group, one of the largest automotive dealer groups in South Wales and the West of England, has joined forces with Cooper Solutions to implement FullCycle.  FullCycle is a new innovative customer data tool, transforming how dealers pinpoint future sales opportunities that could otherwise be passing through service departments undetected.

According to Cooper Solutions’ research, around 50% of people don’t buy their car from the dealer that services it. While these servicing dealerships may already have the information needed to maximise new vehicle sales opportunities, like how long a service customer has owned their car and the length remaining on its finance agreement, it’s often too clunky or time-consuming to pull these details together from different areas of their current DMS and more importantly tends to be for supplied customers only.

FullCycle provides Cardiff Audi’s sales teams with these details at their fingertips, seamlessly integrating it with Experian insights.  This allows effective communication between sales and servicing departments which helps to build stronger customer relationships via a personalised sales approach and consequentially drives sales.  With increasing numbers of aftersales customers now buying their vehicle from Cardiff Audi the full cycle of sales-service-sales is being completed.

Gabe Masterson, Audi Accredited Sales Manager, Cardiff Audi explains: “We’ve always known that blanket, one-size-fits-all sales approaches don’t work but FullCycle has enabled us to make our sales process truly customer centric.  It provides invaluable insight into when and how to contact service customers, what car they have, where they bought it from and when would be the right time to approach them about a future sale.  All in a helpful, non-pushy way. The fact that FullCycle has basically paid for itself in the first month of using it is testament to the financial payback we’re getting too.”

The real-time data from FullCycle means that Cardiff Audi has been able to use its courtesy fleet more efficiently as well.  The dealership can offer an upgraded courtesy car when a customer’s existing vehicle comes in for servicing. Not only does this allow the customer to try out the latest model in an unpressurised environment, it also means the courtesy vehicle is provided by the sales department therefore cutting down on service fleet costs.  Over time Cardiff Audi aims to reduce its courtesy car fleet, as the sales fleet can be loaned to appropriate service customers.  This will not only save money but also help build customer relations.

Cardiff Audi’s customers are appreciative of the more joined-up approach between the sales and servicing departments as Masterson continues: “We can pick up the phone and start a dialogue, there is no pressure, it just allows the customer to see that we understand where they are on their car ownership cycle.  We can then help them with their car-buying choice at a timescale that suits them.  Our customers have been complimenting us on what we are doing as a result of FullCycle.”

Barry Cooper, Managing Director of Cooper Solutions concludes: “It’s been really rewarding working with Cardiff Audi.  Using FullCycle’s digital solution to allow them to speak to their customers with added confidence has obviously reaped rewards.  We will continue to work closely with them to ensure FullCycle is used to its full potential.”