FullCycle puts a stop to sales leads driving off the service ramp

Latest innovation from Cooper Solutions ensures servicing dealers secure sales with the 50% of customers who didn’t buy from them

Cooper Solutions has launched FullCycle, an exciting new system revolutionising how dealers identify future sales opportunities passing through service departments. This latest innovation helps dealers respond differently to customers in an ever changing and demanding climate.

FullCycle is a unique solution that brings together the multiple layers of information needed to nurture relationships with service customers.  Crucially, it recognises the various stages in the ownership cycle, and identifies those in a prime position to change their vehicle, representing a sales opportunity for both supplied and not supplied customers.

Barry Cooper, Managing Director of Cooper Solutions, explains: “In an age of ever-growing digital alternatives to buying a car, the franchised dealer has one clear advantage over the competition – the opportunity to optimise satisfaction with the existing car owner, and to qualify what comes next and when.

“A service visit is the perfect opportunity to do just that.  Our data shows that typically 50% of service customers did not buy their car from the servicing dealer, demonstrating how vital it is that sales departments improve their interaction with service customers.  Whilst dealerships are well aware that they could be converting service customers into incremental vehicle sales, this rarely happens.  This is because the service department is 100% focused on a successful aftersales experience for the customer, whilst the sales department needs help identifying customers by new, used or corporate, recently purchased or soon to change, and whether supplied by the dealer or not.”

Whether a customer is at the beginning of their ownership cycle or nearing the end of their finance agreement and booking their final service, FullCycle arms dealers with the knowledge needed to develop a relationship to ensure they are in pole position to undertake the next service or supply the next car.

Barry Cooper concludes: “Providing optimal digital solutions for dealers sits at the centre of everything we do at Cooper Solutions, and FullCycle is no exception.  We’ve worked closely with dealers to pilot FullCycle before its launch, adding many useful features such as highlighting first time service customers or those who are visiting soon after a purchase.

“Perhaps best of all, is that it is based on finance agreement data, making it possible to identify that this could be the last service visit in that car.  This will, hopefully, awaken both service and sales departments to avoid a future lapsed customer and a lost sales opportunity.

“It’s great to know that dealers across the country are now reaping the financial rewards of nurturing service customers with FullCycle and capitalising on the increased Service and Sales customer lifetime value…it’s a win win.”