Jemca Signs Up To FullAppraisal From Cooper Solutions

Digital solution improves data capture and customer service levels

Jemca is the latest group to turn to FullAppraisal, the mobile vehicle appraisal tool from Cooper Solutions, harnessing digital capabilities to replace its paper-based system. Following a successful trial, Jemca has rolled out FullAppraisal across its 11 Toyota and Lexus sites, building on its existing partnership with Cooper Solutions.

Jemca Car Group’s core business and heritage is its Toyota and Lexus franchises, operating state-of-the-art retail and servicing centres across the South East. As part of its commitment to delivering a premium customer experience, Jemca needed to move from its paper-based manual appraisal system. FullAppraisal offers Jemca’s sales staff an intuitive solution that auto-fills vehicle details and makes it easier to accurately capture the data they need without slowing down the sales process.

With FullAppraisal, all vehicle and customer information is captured electronically, using a VRM look-up to auto-fill vehicle details. This helps sales teams save time they once spent on manually filling out forms, allowing them to focus on the customer needs. In addition, FullAppraisal’s easy to use checklist system reduces the risk of missing information by ensuring sales teams complete specific fields before they can finish the process. Sales executives can also upload up to 15 photos with a ‘drag and drop’ feature to add vehicle condition markers for greater accuracy.

Paul Meller, Market Area General Manager, Jemca Car Group, says, “Today’s consumer expects a digital customer experience. FullAppraisal not only enables us to improve the accuracy and timelines of data capture, but moves us on to an electronic platform, presenting a new level of professionalism to our customers. Each member of our sales team is armed with an iPad featuring FullAppraisal, so they can make fast, accurate appraisals and engage with customers the whole time. Indeed, it’s not just streamlining our part exchange process; we’re using FullAppraisal for every customer enquiry.”

Simon Whicher, FullAppraisal General Manager at Cooper Solutions, adds, “We have been working with Jemca for over six years, delivering our daily rate insurance for customer loans. This extension of our partnership demonstrates the expertise and support Cooper Solutions can offer dealers across the business. FullAppraisal is just one of the suite of online tools we deliver to enable dealers to improve business processes for everything from financial management to used car stock control. We are looking forward to building on the support we already provide Jemca as it continues to meet the expectations and needs of its customers.”

November 2016

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